Dolomites itinerary for non-hikers

Lukas and Lore walk hand in hand in the meadow of Alpe di Siusi, Dolomites

We dreamt about visiting the Dolomites for a few years, and when we finally made it there we can fondly say that it did not disappoint. Every place that we visited seemed like a painting. Since we had to do quite some research about this place, we decided to summarise it for you. For those who prefer to take in the majesty of the Dolomites without embarking on extreme hikes, we created this exclusive Dolomites itinerary. All of these places are visitable with walks of a maximum of 1-2 hours required. Join us on this adventure as we explore all of the most beautiful spots.

Day 1: Val di Funes and Santa Magdalena

We started our trip in the picturesque Val di Funes and it immediately amazed us. Take in the beauty of the surroundings at your own pace, visit the famous viewpoint and the church of St Johann. Cars are not allowed in this area, you’ll have to walk about 45 minutes to get to the viewpoint on the left picture below.

Val di Funes viewpoint Dolomites itinerary
Val di Funes viewpoint with couple Lukas and Lore

Day 2: Seceda – Val Gardena

Dedicate a day to the iconic Seceda. Take a cable car (we paid €41 per person, prices may change) to this majestic location, known for its panoramic views of the Dolomites. Enjoy the scenery at your own pace, capturing the essence of these stunning peaks without the need for strenuous hiking. If you have some time left that day, you can explore Val Gardena. Visit the town Ortisei or go for an easy hike into Vallunga.

View of Seceda Dolomites itinerary
Cabin with a view in Seceda Dolomites itinerary
Val Gardena Vallunga

Day 3: Alpe di Siusi – Europe’s Largest Alpine Meadow

If there’s one place that simply HAS to be in your Dolomites itinerary, Alpe di Siusi (or Seiser Alm) would be it. Start your day early by going to Alpe di Siusi, the largest alpine meadow, by sunrise. You can do this by driving your car to the nearest parking spot before 9am. Between 9am and 5pm the gate closes, and you can only get here by cable car or bus. If you stay in a hotel in Alpe di Siusi, you get a permit to drive through it. Don’t worry, you can always drive back down if you want to leave earlier than 5pm. This expansive plateau is surrounded by breathtaking Dolomite peaks, offering serene walks, picnics with a view, and even the option to discover this place by horse carriage.

Day 4: Lakes and Peaks – Lago di Carezza and Passo Giau

Visit the enchanting Lago di Carezza with its crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding peaks. Walk around the lake for the most stunning views. After this, you can visit Passo Giau.

This offers remarkable views without the need for challenging hikes. Drive through these areas, pausing to absorb the beauty of the Dolomites from accessible viewpoints.

Day 5: Tre Cime di Lavadero and Cadini di Misurina.

Another place you cannot miss when visiting the Dolomites is the Tre Cime di Lavadero. If you’re up for a challenge, you can hike around them, but you can just as easily admire them without an intensive hike. Another must-see is Cadini di Misurina. You will hike for about 45 minutes to this breathtaking viewpoint. It’s not an ideal place for people with a fear of heights, but the views are out of this world. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear for this hike – trust us, you will need it. To get here you need to pay a toll (we paid €30, prices may change).

Day 6: Lago di Braies

End your trip with one of the most iconic places in the Dolomites: Lago di Braies. Walk around the lake and consider taking a wooden rowboat. There are a few car parks near the lake, the closer you want to park, the more expensive it gets. Go for sunrise or sunset to avoid big crowds.

Lukas at Lago di Braies Dolomites Italy itinerary
Lukas and Lore with view on Lago di Braies Dolomites Italy itinerary
Lore with view on Lago di Braies Dolomites Italy itinerary

In conclusion, this Dolomites itinerary consists all the popular, must-visit places like scenic drives, alpine meadows, and captivating lakes. With each destination carefully chosen, you can savor the essence of this UNESCO World Heritage site without the need for extensive hiking. Enjoy the Dolomites and be prepared to be blown away by its beauty.

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